Riptide's Return to Racing, the first Minnesota Masters Meet since February's Flying Finn, took place at the Bluewater Aquatics Center on Sunday, November 15th.  This sanctioned meet was hosted jointly by the Riptide Swim Team and Minnesota Masters.  Amy Parratto of Riptide acted as Meet Director and did legion work in making sure that all COVID-19 related protocols were followed.  Thanks also go to Meet Officials Jennifer Martini and Barb Green who enforced the rules gently but without hesitation. Riptide volunteers Jennifer and Eric Hutchens and Eric Vogen were terrific at staging swimmers for their heats and providing the You Tube video feed. Minnesota Masters also wishes to acknowledge the excellent work of Brian Cohn who ran the Colorado system as well as the wonderfully precise timers from the Eastview High School Swim Team.  Mary Jelinek and Brennan Wirth were both very focused as lifeguards.  Sarah Schettle was served as a perfectly audible and accurate announcer.

Preliminary results indicate that Peggy Kratz set five Minnesota records in four swims and that Jennifer Ridge broke her own record in the 100 breaststroke.  These potential records have not yet been reviewed or certified by the Records Committee. Exclamation points in the Meet Results printout indicate potential record-breaking swims.  On the men's side, James Kochendorfer set new records in the 50 and 100 breaststroke events.


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