Marc Anderson (Inducted 2016)

Marc Anderson is another one of those California transplants that moved to Minnesota. His swimming experience started in his backyard pool, which lead to swim lessons and a 1950’s California summer swim team. He swam for Santa Rosa High for high school in the 60’s. After a stint in the military and working in Santa Rosa, California, he joined the local masters team in 1979.
Marc moved to Minnesota in 1980 and began swimming as a Minnesota Master with the New Hope-Crystal Masters group. Marc does most of his swimming now at the Plymouth Lifetime Fitness with a small group of dedicated swimmers and also with the Hopkins work-out-group team. In his 37 years of swimming as a Minnesota Masters swimmer he has set over 160 individual MN Masters records. He currently holds 50 of the possible 53 total individual records for the SCY, LCY, and LCM events for the 65-69 age groups.

His favorite event is the 100 IM, which shows his versatility in the water. We’ll all be shooting for those records someday, if we can have as long a lasting career as Marc. Marc though seems to get faster as he ages, which isn’t the case for most of his competitors. Some of his records in his current age group are faster than his records in the former age group.

One awesome recent accomplishment was winning both the 50 and 1500 meters freestyle at the 2015 Long Course Masters National Championship meet, showing he’s got both speed and endurance. If being a great swimmer wasn't enough, what really sets Marc apart is his dedication to all MN Masters Swimmers and his willingness to get involved as a volunteer. He received the Dorothy Donnelly Award from the USMS National Office in 2015 for his contributions to the MN Masters LMSC.

He also has helped organize many relay teams over the years with his recent quest being to set more records, as well as national and FINA Top Tens with the group of 65+ swimmers we have in Minnesota. Marc is also the driving force behind the creation and ongoing Minnesota Masters Swimming Hall of Fame process.


About Minnesota Masters Swimming

Minnesota Masters Swimming LMSC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to a healthy swimming lifestyle for adult swimmers within 87 counties in Minnesota and 3 in Western Wisconsin. It is the local governing body for United States Masters Swimming (USMS).

There are 1,172 registered swimmers in the Minnesota LMSC and over 60,000 nationwide. Anyone 18 years of age or older is eligible to join. No prior competitive swimming experience is necessary.

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