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Clubs and Workout Groups

Current Swim Clubs and Workout Groups

Any organization or Club can form a USMS CLUB and be officially recognized by USMS, use links below to register.
MN LMSC covers the state of MN and St Croix, Pierce, and Dunn counties in WI.
2020 Fee: $60 for Club Registration.
Register Club: Paper Form
Register Club: Online Link

Workout Groups:
Any individual,group, or organization can form a workout group under Club MINN by mailing this form to the Registrar.
2020 Fee: $60 for Workout Group
Register Workout Group: Paper Form
Register Workout Group: Online Link



Individual Registration


To register online: Online Link
To register by mail:
2019: Paper form to print and mail

What should be your club or workout group affiliation?
Ask your coach or fellow swimmers. If you swim alone or with a small group, and might want to do relays at a meet together, the regional Club is MINN (Minnesota Masters Swim Club.) Many Workout Groups are available within MINN.
Transfer Club Membership (Mid-Year)
One Day Event Registration Form
30 Day Trial Form

Swim Meets/Events

To register for swim meets, you must first join the U.S. Masters Swimming organization through your local swim committee as an individual or through a swim club.

When available, MN LMSC event information will be posted on the Home Page of this web site to allow either paper form/mail in registration or online registration. Other events are listed on the Comprehensive Calendar.

See Individual Registration to register with U.S. Masters Swimming as an Unattached individual or link up with a club or workout group near you. Minnesota Masters Swimming (MINN) is the regional club that covers the entire state.